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Tumi Olaoshun

History Teacher


I have had my QTS for nearly nine years.

By profession, I tell stories about the known and unknown contributors of History. I have successfully done this for nearly nine years. I want young people to understand the journey of the great and the unknown. I aim to enable young people to use their natural critical analytical skills to think about the world they live in new ways. The same skills they use for social media, dissecting the truth from fake news; I desire to unite these skills back in the classroom and through 1 to 1 tuition.

I want children to be historians. I want them to question the information they see around them, make independent decisions and ask questions and, better yet, find their own answers to those questions. I teach so I can inspire, trigger passion and encourage wider learning, through the national curriculum and beyond.

It is important for black children to know that they are cared for especially in environments where that may not always be the case. A teacher was the reason why I became one.

I also want an opportunity to invest in lives I may not reach through my day to day teaching.

I guess in the current climate I will be willing to do online tuition.

I am based in North West London.

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