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Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy for Online Tutoring 


This policy is to be used in addition to all the safeguarding and child protection parameters and procedures outlined in the ‘Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Policy’ dated June 2022.

This policy is designed to expand child protection and safeguarding parameters and procedures to any online tutoring that takes place in the name of Black Teachers Tutor (BTT).

There is a duty placed upon us to ensure that all adults who work with or on behalf of our young people are competent, confident and safe to do so.

Adults working for Black Teachers Tutor are responsible for their own actions and behaviour and should avoid any conduct that would lead a reasonable person to question their motivation or intention. 

Everyone involved in BTT activities must follow BTT’s Code of Conduct.

They must also be familiar with the steps to be taken in the event of becoming aware of, suspecting or receiving allegations of abuse.

For all online tutoring completed in the name of BTT we will provide:

A designated Safeguarding Officer who is responsible for supporting and training all staff and volunteers involved in BTT’s work, ensuring that all staff and volunteers are sufficiently vetted and acts as the main point of contact in the event of any allegation or disclosure.


Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy for Online Tutoring 

Designated Safeguarding Officer contact:

Online Code of Conduct

All teachers who undertake online sessions are required to adhere to the following code of conduct:


Teachers will only conduct online tutoring with their pupils at the designated times arranged by the parents of the pupil. 


Teachers will conduct online tutoring either in a workplace or location that does not expose personal information or access to inappropriate background content.

Teachers will be dressed appropriately in a manner that would be suitable for their attendance at a school in person. 

Teachers will keep their video stream ‘on’ for the duration of their sessions.

Teachers will not record video, still images or audio of any tutoring sessions.

Teachers will never disclose their phone, email or other communication details with their pupil nor request their pupils’ through the online platform. 

Teachers will conduct their sessions without disruption (mobile phones should be set to silent and away from gaze) or supervision by any other persons not approved by BTT. 

Teachers will not share any links to online content or websites that contain anything other than educational resources that directly link to the content of their sessions.

If in doubt of the validity of any websites or material, please get in contact with the BTT team at

Teachers will not take any screenshots of sessions.

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