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Teacher Agreement

This is an agreement between Black Teachers Tutor (BTT) and you the teacher. 



The purpose of this agreement is to outline the arrangements the teacher will be undertaking in line with BTT. The teacher does not have an employment relationship, but this document defines the extent of the relationship between BTT and the teacher in terms of an agreement for services.


The teacher is in a business of his or her own accord and agrees to provide the following services to BTT and children professionally and competently:

  1. Teach to the best of their ability following the statutory content of the National Curriculum 

  2. Adhere to a strict code of conduct as outlined in the Safe Guarding and Child Protection Documentation emailed to you within this pack

  3. Be responsible for their property when undertaking a tutoring session

  4. Strict confidentiality concerning content about BTT



BTT will provide the teacher with their online profile displaying their experience and suitability of you as the teacher. There is no obligation for BTT to provide you the teacher with work. Parents will contact you, the teacher, directly. 


Acceptance of the work [duty to do so]

If you the teacher accept the work, there is an obligation to complete the work as outlined following the parent’s request.



 BTT will take a 20% commission from your earnings and you will be paid by BTT and their account team. We will arrange the sessions on your behalf, speak to parents, arrange payment agreements and we will deal with any disputes on your behalf.


You will not receive any payment for holidays, bank holidays, sickness or any other reason for not completing a session.


As part of the service, BTT will collect the fees due from the parents and passing them on to you, net of a commission. BTT will provide a blanket invoice for tutors to fill in. Payments will only be made once the invoices have been received by email directly to BTT (


BTT recommends that tutors keep a signed record of all lessons taught (or cancelled with less than 24hrs notice). We do not need to see this but if a client disputes hours that is invoiced we will be unlikely to be able to pay tutors if this record has not been signed.


You must not accept direct payment from the client without the written permission of a Director of BTT (David St Croix or Tobias Freeman). Should you do so, all sums received by you will be immediately payable to BTT and shall be actionable through the Courts without further notice to you.


You will receive payments monthly from BTT account team and the payments will reflect what is written on your invoice.


Teacher – tax

The teacher is responsible for their tax and national insurance arrangements.


Equal opportunities

Discrimination is unacceptable and equality of opportunities is a feature of BTT’s practices.


Performance and Conduct

If the teacher’s performance and conduct result in dissatisfaction, action may be taken; namely, the teacher's services may be terminated. The teacher will also not be asked to complete further work with BTT. The teacher will remedy any defective work or dissatisfied parent or child on his or her own.



 You undertake that you shall not at any time during this agreement, and for a period of five years after termination of this agreement, disclose to any person any confidential information concerning the business, affairs, customers, clients or suppliers of BTT, except that you may disclose BTT confidential information as may be required by law, court order or any governmental or regulatory authority.


 You shall not use BTT’s confidential information for any purpose other than to perform your obligations under this agreement.

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