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Our Aim

Improve the academic outcomes of children in the UK through high quality tutoring sessions at affordable prices.

Opportunities for children should be equal. High achievements in education are key to a promising future for young children. Education should be a stepping stone for future endeavours and without a strong academic foundation, children will never reach their potential. We hold the academic successes of children at the for front of our minds. We want to provide extra support for the children who need it most in a society that places barriers in front of them. As qualified teachers, we use our skills to bring high quality teaching to your children on a one to one basis at an extremely affordable price.

Our philosophy

 “To improve the outcomes of black children, high quality tuition from qualified, experienced and dynamic teachers is required at an affordable price.”

What we offer

We provide regular tuition on a one to one basis, in person and online, so our tutors are able to focus on your child’s individual learning needs. Our tutors create a supportive environment in which there is instant feedback and individual target setting within each lesson. Mistakes and misconceptions are corrected immediately. One to one tuition by our tutors helps to develop a pupil’s confidence through the use of praise and reinforcements of concepts learnt, an increase in learning time, and links to prior learning and future learning so skills learnt with our tutors are then transferred from tuition to the classroom.

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