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Frequently Asked Questions 


How much does this service cost?

Every session (one hour) will cost between £20-£40

I don't live in London. Will there be teachers available near me?

Of course, our network of teachers is from all over the UK. 

My child finds it hard to concentrate. Will tutoring be worth it?

Our teachers are experienced and are used to managing the behaviour of a whole class of children with differing behaviours and needs. Your child is in the best hands of a patient and skilled professional. Tutoring is always beneficial

Are sessions done in my home or in a public place?

Due to safeguarding regulations which our teachers are very familiar with, they are aware that working in your home would require them to work in an open space with the doors open and in clear view of another adult. We advise our teachers who work with secondary school or level children that would prefer to do their sessions in public places, that they choose a local library or coffee shop. As long as it is a public place and they are not meeting up in a private setting. 

How do I book a teacher to tutor my child?

Use the filter service to identify what subject specialism you think is best for your child. Click the contact button on the teacher's page and then send them a brief email and they will contact you and arrange a time to get started.

My child is not black. Will I not be able to use this service?

Every child matters to every one of our teachers. We will teach every child no matter what colour, creed or race your child is. We are just a network of, predominantly, black teachers who want to make a small difference to society.

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