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Tamaszina Jacobs-Abiola

English & Drama Teacher


I have held my QTS for 2 years now. I am willing to teach English and Drama for predominantly KS3, KS4 and A-level.

I have taught in both primary and secondary schools. Prior to teaching in secondary, I did a lot of work experience in primary schools working with nursery through to KS2, so have a good understanding of the curriculum and what is needed to be covered, especially when transitioning to secondary school. Since qualifying, I have gone on to teach in a co-ed secondary school and undergoing a Masters in English Education. In my current school I am subject leader of my department taking full responsibility of the planning of the curriculum, assessments and reports for each child and the day to day running of my department. I also like to work closely with the SEN department and EAL co-ordinator so know how to adapt lessons to suit their needs.

I have high standards and expectations from all students as I do not accept ‘no I can’t’ as an answer because all students CAN ACHIEVE they just need to be inspired and know things sometimes take a bit longer but they must persevere. This is why I love to teach so the next generation understand that nothing is impossible if they put their mind to it. I love to see them achieve and be motivated to keep striving for what they want in life. The first step of course is acquiring an education but the best part is the smile you see when they realise and see their hard work pay off.

Tutoring young black children is important to me because I come from a background where we didn’t have much so knew I would have to really work hard to both do well and be a role model to my younger siblings. I also have a brother with Autism, so as a young black boy ensure he knows he can be whatever he wants to be as he gets older, so I assist him with his learning. Overall, I want to be able to help those who are passionate and want to succeed without that learning barrier. I want to help motivate and inspire them to get that end goal of an education, go to university or achieve that grade to secure the job they want. There should be no limit on their success.

I am willing to tutor in a 5 mile radius from Holloway.

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