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Rhiannon Sherwood

Early Years EYFS Teacher


My specialism is Early Years and Forest School. I’ve currently got Early Years Teaching Status and I am a Forest School leader. I have taught in independent schools for vulnerable children. I have also been lucky enough to work with Key Stage 1 children who require additional support with areas of their Early Years Foundation stage goals.

I truly do believe that children need to build a solid foundation if they are going to make progress later on as they progress in school. Positive experiences in early years can benefit children’s development in social skills and their overall ability to learn.

The key principle I adhere to is that children within my care need to begin to learn and they do this through play and understanding the world around them. I help to lay down the foundations. I make sure children are happy, excited, active and they also need to feel secure.

As a Black Woman who is also an educator, it is part of my role to ensure that the next generation achieve. I take pride in providing children with a consistent, educationally rich, environment that supports all areas of their learning and development.

I am based in South London and would be more than happy to support your children.

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