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Rachel Campbell

Early Years EYFS & KS1 Teacher


I have held my QTS for 3 years. I’m willing to teach Maths and English for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. As a trainee and a teacher, I taught in EYFS up to year 3. While having a student teacher, I taught across the school in all year groups. Currently, due to the pandemic, I’m teaching in year 6. I am a very confident EYFS teacher and would be very happy to support your children within this field as I believe it builds the foundations.

My passion for teaching came at the age of 14, while on work experience in a Special Educational School. I’ve loved it ever since. I love watching the children grow in all aspects of life! This is why working with this network is excellent. I can spread my passion to children who need my support.

All children need our support but many children from low socio-economic backgrounds are already disadvantaged in many ways, they shouldn’t also face a disadvantage in their education (which we know often happens). I want to tutor young children to give them confidence when they are slowly moving up the academic ladder. I strongly believe children within my culture need stronger representation and they need positive role models. They need to feel that they have experienced teaching not just in school but outside of school which will help them be successful. I want to support the next generation.

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