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Paige Griffin

KS2 Teacher
Maths, English and 11+ Teacher


I have been a qualified teacher for 6 years. I would be interested in teaching children in KS2, KS3 and those doing the 11+ tests.

I have taught in a North London primary school, mainly in KS2 (year 5 and Year 6). I have always been passionate about teaching, I love building relationships with children and being able to relate to them, this is beneficial for engagement and achieving progress. I enjoy helping children to recognise their personal talents and skills in order to help enhance and empower them to reach their full potential. I enjoy seeing children make progress at their own pace, by setting high expectations and by making learning clear and achievable.

I have previously been a leader of PSHE in a primary school and I am currently an Assistant Head Teacher/SENCo.

I believe that children need to be able to make connections in order to learn and make progress. Tutoring young black children is important to me because I strive to make all my pupils know that they have the ability to succeed in life and achieve what they put their mind to. I want to empower black children especially and act as a role model for them so that they can see themselves in me and my achievements. I want to help them progress academically but also make them socially aware of the world and how best to reach their dreams. I want to eliminate all negative statistics and expectations related to young black children and exclusions and low academic outcomes.

I would like to tutor in North London, preferably, Haringey, Enfield and Barnet.

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