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Nkechi Nwanokwai

KS2 Teacher


I am an outstanding teacher who has, over the past few years, perfected my craft and become a confident, influential practitioner. I am very proud of my role at my current school.

Since I achieved my QTS, I have taught all areas of the primary curriculum. I have successfully taken responsibility for the progress of many different classes.

I have organised classrooms and learning environments making sure that they are well resourced with the correct learning resources. I enjoy creating engaging displays to encourage learning inside and outside of the classroom. High quality teaching requires astute planning, preparation and innovation to deliver the best lessons that cater for the needs of the whole ability range within the classes I teach. I am sure that these qualities can be transferred into a one to one setting.

I believe maintaining high discipline only benefits children to take their learning seriously. Teaching young children is only possible when there is a strong bond between myself, the teacher, and the parents. That is why I believe that there needs to be an open and transparent professional relationship between myself and parents of children I tutor. This is very important and it is something I want to make sure is central to my practice as a tutor.

I think it is important for young black children to have the opportunity to be taught by a black teacher. It is vital that pupils have a positive representation of black male and female teachers (whether it is in schools or private tutoring) who are able to give them a big push in their studies as well as allow them to gain a new life long role model. Having someone who is similar to them would more likely allow pupils to build their self confidence.

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