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Natalie Kankam

Chemistry Teacher


I have had my QTS for 4 years now and I can tutor students who are doing GCSE Chemistry from year 9 - 11.

I trained at 2 schools in Romford and Rainham during my PGCE year and really enjoyed my experience. I moved on to teach at an academy in Chadwell Heath. In 2017 I taught in Chafford Hundred. I have been at my current school in Ilford for 2 years now and I love teaching there.

I understand that not every child will learn in the same way and I tailor my lessons according to the student. I have a very approachable relationship with my students and that helps them to be engaged in learning Chemistry. Due to my experience of working in labs, I tend to bring real life applications to the topics that I teach.

When I was growing up, as a student, I had one black teacher throughout my education. I became a teacher because I love to help children understand Chemistry and science. It is important for black children to have role models and know that they are capable of reaching any goal that they set. I am here to be the helping hand to encourage young black scientists to succeed. Black children love Chemistry just as much as I do.

I offer tutoring in Havering/Essex or online.

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