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Moyo Sankofa

Maths Teacher


My current role is as a full-time private tutor. I am an ex-Londoner who has just moved to Birmingham. As well as being an ex-Londoner, I am also an ex school teacher of 7 years, having worked in schools across London and the South-East from 2011 to 2018.

I have worked as a full-time private tutor for the last two years. As well as one-to-one tutoring, I also provide group tuition. I have held QTS since 2012. I am willing to teach Maths at all levels.

I love teaching because it gives me a buzz similar to competitive sport. I held leadership roles in school before when I was a Deputy Head of Mathematics. Within this role, I had responsibility for student rewards, behaviour management, as well as being a lead teacher of year 9 and year 10.

Black children, and particularly Black Caribbean children, will benefit from private tuition. The data would suggest that some black children are not reaching the heights they are capable of. I do not think that this needs to be the case and I am up for the challenge of developing a success mindset within the children that I work with, underpinned by high quality teaching.

I have a space in Smethwick from which I will be tutoring. I do not travel because I believe that a youngster who is willing to travel for their tuition is more likely to be motivated to succeed.

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