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Monica Akinboyewa

KS1 Teacher


QTS was attained in July 2019. I am willing to teach all subjects under the Primary National Curriculum.

I have taught in a range of tutoring companies in London. Teaching for me is the responsibility and intentionality of supporting the next generation to bring forth that which is on the inside of them. I admire teaching as although it is a difficult career is an extremely rewarding one. As teachers, you are in a position of seeing great minds and thinkers come alive, supporting them to see beyond their own limiting beliefs of themselves and be stretched beyond their current capacity. Teaching further allows me to use autonomy to create a fun and safe place for students to thrive.

I am currently a leader of the House Captain team and DT Subject lead.

Tutoring young black children is important to me as representation in schools/education is pivotal. I want to be responsible for dismantling any limiting beliefs that young black children are told regarding their future and what they can achieve. Being a young black child myself made me feel like the minority in school, which is a mindset I carried for many years of my teenage years. This limiting belief mentality had an impact of how I saw myself and my future. Tutoring young black children will give me the opportunity and space to encourage them to not be afraid to thrive and become their best self in a world that may not always be for their success.

South East London. I am willing to travel to areas around Greenwich, Lewisham, Bexley, areas of Kent (DA1) and anything in and around SE London.

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