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Molica Hackshaw

KS1 and KS2 Teacher


I have held QTS status for 5 Years. I am willing to teach Maths & English to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. I often follow the mastery approach when teaching Maths to primary aged pupils to ensure they have mastered the aspect of the curriculum that they are learning. When teaching English, it is important that the basic and most important aspects of reading and writing are learnt so that children build the skills that they need to master English.

I completed Teach First as a route into teaching because I always knew that I was passionate about ensuring children from low income families receive an equal and fair education compared to their counterparts. I began my teaching career at an academy in Tottenham- it has a colourful history as it was the first school in the country to be forced into an academy. After that, I actively sought out a failing school to teach in to ensure that I had an impact on their students- here I taught Year 6. I am currently at a school in Essex with a high percentage of Black and Minority Ethnic children.

I love teaching because it brings me joy to see when a child understands a new aspect of life that they have never been taught before. Seeing the amazing progress that children make when they are taught well is priceless. Children are the future and having an impact on our future makes me love teaching even more.
I am currently a Middle Leader in my school and hoping to move into Senior Leadership in the near future.

Coming from a Caribbean family I noticed there was always a misconception that black children, especially those from Caribbean heritage, are not keen learners. The statistics show that black children tend to achieve lower grades than their white counterparts, however I believe that this is strongly due to the systemic disadvantage that black children face. It is important to me that black children do not only see a black face in their classroom, but are also able to receive tutoring from someone that understands them. Similarly, at school I cannot control the curriculum- however when tutoring black children I can use my own examples that they can relate to, I can use texts with black faces & I can create word problems using plantain as stimuli and not red apples!

I am available to tutor in East London/Essex

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