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Marcus Anderson

French Teacher


I am currently a tutor with a North West London based agency called Metropolitan Tutors. I have been with them for the past 3 years but prior to this, I was tutoring privately to year 7 and year 9 students.

What I love about teaching is knowing that you are making a difference to a young person’s life. Whether that is inspiring them to continue studying the subject in further education, or helping them achieve a passing grade. In addition, teaching can greatly support a young person’s confidence and self esteem in more than just the subject area. It’s important for me to ensure there is a balance of teaching and empathy when working with the children. That way, they feel more comfortable with you, push themselves more and have more motivation to learn.

Being a black man growing up in London, it was extremely rare for me to see anyone who looked like me take an interest in modern languages as much as I did. Like with anything, representation is key, so I feel as though I have a duty to show young black children the benefits of learning another language and that they should never be boxed in terms of what subjects they can excel in.

Ideally I would like to tutor in the North West London area. West or North London May also be possible depending on the distance.

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