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Kylon Collins

KS1, KS2, KS3 and 11+ Teacher


I have held QTS status for 11 years.

I have experience of teaching Maths and English from KS1 to KS3.

I also prepare children for 11+ entrance exams.

In my current role, I take responsibility for promoting education and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people and vulnerable adults in care. I complete pupil caseloads and ensure the continued educational improvement of children in public care. I lead on the development of policies, procedures and good practice to ensure that children in public care have an effective and up to date Personal Education Plan. I effectively monitor and where appropriate, challenge, the use of Pupil Premium Grant for individual pupils and cohorts of Islington children in public care. I ensure aspirational targets are in place for all Islington children in public care and that professionals and carers support and encourage children to achieve. I provide high quality advice and support for social workers, carers and teachers involved in the education of children in public care. I analyse qualitative and quantitative information and data on all schools and educational placements attended by Islington’s children in public care.

I work with a range of education and social care professionals to provide the best educational, social and emotional provision. As an education advisor for LAC with Islington virtual school, I champion for the most vulnerable children daily to ensure they receive high quality education and emotional provision. I chair PEP meetings where I communicate effectively both written and oral; work collaboratively with senior leadership, teachers and external agencies to accomplish the common goal, which is to improve the quality of education provision and ensure effective therapeutic support, which will in turn immensely prepare children and young people for further education, employment and everyday life. I create safe, respectful and nurturing relationships with pupils, parents and guardians. Build welcoming, trusting and supportive professional relationships with my colleagues to create an effective and cooperative working environment. I engage in productive professional dialogues with teachers, EP’s, CAMHs, social workers etc. to advice and support my colleagues with all aspects of education and therapeutic support, which benefit the children I look after in the Virtual School. My comprehensive teaching experience has allowed me to work with children from a vast variety of backgrounds, abilities and faiths but most of my experience has been working with children who originate from deprived areas and impoverished backgrounds across KS1, 2 and 3. I have been a maths coordinator, phase leader and lead improvement in teaching and learning.

As a maths coordinator I lead the implementation of Maths Mastery and improvement of teaching and learning across the whole school through running CPD training sessions and staff meetings around; instilling high expectations for all pupils, appropriate pitch and differentiation of activities to best suit all learners, good pace to keep children engaged and reduce behaviour issues, facilitating the increase of pupil voice within the classroom, supporting pupils to explain their learning and how that impacts on planning and assessment, diagnostic marking and purposeful feedback to create regular learning opportunities, depth of learning and use of resources to support learning, using reasoning and problem solving activities to provoke deeper thinking and application of learnt skills in different contexts, overcoming children’s social and emotional barriers to learning and effective use of formative and summative assessment to inform planning.

Being a black male from a working class family and growing up in a council estate, I have first-hand experience and can relate to the barriers to learning that many susceptible children face. I have been able to identify and disseminate the most effective teaching approaches for individual pupils with SEN and challenging behaviour by setting targets, supporting and implementing bespoke interventions to achieve the best possible outcomes. This is why I am so passionate about improving the future quality of life for children who are less fortunate by improving the quality of teaching and emotional support they receive. I believe all children deserve a well-rounded home life and outstanding quality of education, which can be used as a vehicle to transport them into a successful future.

I am willing to tutor children in north London, east London and central London.

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