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Khadija Harrison

KS1 & KS2 Teacher


I graduated from my PGCE in July 2016. I can teach the core subjects in the national primary curriculum to a high standard as well as the foundation subjects.

I have taught in the state and independent sector and in different school backgrounds. I feel this has given me the knowledge and understanding of how to communicate, educate and nurture children from different walks of life.

I have a love of working with and teaching children and always try to make learning fun and engaging. I won't allow a child to give up at the first hurdle. If one way of learning doesn't work for them, we will work together to find a different way for them to understand. I enjoy being a part of a child's educational journey knowing that I am making an impact. Seeing children develop and progress in their own time and watching the lightbulb moment followed by their progress and attainment flourishing is a wonderful thing to witness. Making learning fun, motivating and engaging is key. I will always try to help them adopt a "have a go" attitude since making mistakes is another way of learning too.

In the classroom, black children can be misunderstood, misheard or go unnoticed which is then to the detriment of their childhood and learning journey through life. Being able to support them either in the class room or through tutoring is very important so that they know they are understood, seen and heard.

I think it is truly important for children to be able to see themselves in positive positions and career paths so that they have something or someone to look up to and know that it is achievable. Ultimately, it may not always be their schooling education that they require support with it may be a confidence and self-esteem boost that they need which will help to jumpstart their attainment and achievement abilities and allow them to reach their full potential.

I am available to tutor in South East London, within a 10 miles radius around Croydon.

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