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Jamila T

Sociology and History Teacher


I have had QTS for two years but trained and taught as an unqualified teacher for two years prior, whilst doing my Masters. I primarily wish to teach Sociology and History at all levels, with AQA and OCR being my preferred exam boards. I love teaching, not only for my subject, but for the nuisanced interactions with the young people which changes the way we look at the world. Teaching my subject is great but teaching students about the wider world and to be great citizens of the world is very enjoyable for me and makes me love my job. Everyday is different because students have different personalities, perspectives and backgrounds.

In my current school, I am Ethnic Minority Achievement Coordinator whereby I work with students from particular ethnic backgrounds who are underachieving. And black students are often part of that cohort of children. I therefore lead on initiatives to support these students, be it mentoring, student voice etc. Tutoring and supoorting young black children inside, and outside, the classroom is paramount. The education system has not been constructed in their favour and so, it is evident that additional support is often required to ensure they reach their full potential. I am passionate about ensuring the success of black students in the education and the wider world. From my own experiences as a black student and teacher, it is imperative to have black role models for students and teachers that they can relate to. And I believe that is the role I wish to play.

I can currently tutor in North West and West London. For example, Brent, Harrow, Westminster, Shepherds Bush etc.

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