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Dwayne Hinds

Primary and Secondary Fitness Coach


I achieved my Personal Training qualification in 2014. 

I specialise in confidence building, weight loss and fitness conditioning. My work with children and adults has meant that I have built a compelling reputation that has followed me since I started supporting others from 2014. 

My main aims within my sessions is to help support children with the following:

Overcoming failure
Confidence in going after what they want
Creative problem-solving
An open and curious approach to new challenges and ideas
Collaboration and sharing
I value the importance of play and confidence building.

I believe that play is an incredibly important tool during childhood. Children should engage in play for a range of reasons. Children need to make sense of the wider world around them and their experiences and this is best done through play.

Play encourages creativity, problem-solving, curiosity and open exploration, so for an effective coaching session, make sure you include some playful activities.

I believe professional development is a team effort. It’s usually not wise to simply cut the employee free after a session and expect him or her to achieve everything on their own. I offer support and assistance to those he or she is coaching to help them implement change and achieve desired goals. Young people need a friendly face and a positive role model to support them and that is my aim. My coaching doesn’t end when the session ends. It is up to me to follow through with any additional guidance for the young person to move forward.

When my work is done right, the benefits for young children can be plentiful and life changing. My support can help young children develop the life skills and attributes that will enable them to work through and overcome some of life’s tougher challenges and decisions.

My job is not about quick wins or fixes, but a focus on continual development over time.

Please contact me and we can discuss how we can support your child's sporting, academic and emotional development.

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