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Anoushka Koabo

KS1 and KS2 Teacher


I have held my QTS for 3 years. I am able to teach Years 1-4 primary curriculum. Core subjects: English Maths & Science as well as non core subjects: Humanities.

My training and most of my years have been spent in Year 2 preparing children for upcoming KS1 SATS assessments.

I fell in love with teaching after gaining a role as a teaching assistant. I looked up to the class teacher as he had a great deal of positive influence over the children in his care. I saw how children really rely on the adults in their lives both at home and in school. I remember my own childhood and my school days, I made great memories, great friends and built great connections with my teachers over the years. I truly believe my primary and secondary experience shaped the adult I am today. These experiences led me to seek a career in teaching and have contributed to my first foundations of my career. I love being able to help children excel and shape them both academically and socially.

I believe that black adults face a higher level of discrimination and prejudice during their lifetime. These experiences have discouraged many hard working people in chasing their dreams. I have always understood that black people have to work harder than others for unjust reasons. This is why being able to help black children excel further in their early years through tutoring is important to me. I want black children to have successful black adults to look up to. I want black children to become successful black adults. I believe giving black children a push and a head start is of vital importance for our community.

I am willing to tutor in East London/Essex.

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