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Application Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in tutoring with Black Teachers Tutor. To help us assess your suitability of working with us we advise you look at the points below.

Please note the following before applying:

- The minimum commitment is one hour a week (not including preparation time) across the course of a school term. Only submit an application if you are confident that you will be able to make this commitment.

- We only want to recruit teachers who hold Qualified Teacher Status. If you are unsure and need to help getting evidence of your QTS is a really simple procedure. All you need to do is visit the NCTL Teacher Services web page:

- Once we review your answers we may then contact you to arrange a telephone interview with you, to chat through your answers and find out more about your specialism.

- We take all previous experience into consideration, so please do include anything you think might be relevant.

- Successful applicants will receive a phone call or email from us to confirm your successful application.

- Black Teachers Tutor supports young black children who may be facing socio-economic disadvantage, who are often experiencing challenging situations outside of the classroom. We only want teachers who remain empathetic and understanding to our young people and support them to build their confidence and academic abilities.

- Your contact email address will be displayed on our website. Please be aware that an email from a parent may go into your junk email.

- We believe all tutoring should be affordable to parents so we advise that all tutors must keep cost as low as £20 for an hour session.

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