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Secondary Summer School

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Mr Sankofa

Introduction to Algebra
Proportional Reasoning
Factors, multiples and primes
Bus shelter division
Converting units of length, mass and capacity
Angle facts
Problem solving skills
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Miss T

African History and Civilisation - An introduction to the forgotten histories of African Civilisations and black history (Egypt etc.)
The Wealthiest Man of the Middle Ages - Investigating the history of Mansa Musa, the 14th Century ruler who is understood to be the richest person in modern history, and his importance to black history.
Black Tudors - Looking at the presence of Black people in Tudor England and using sources to identify the different positions they held in society.
A Brief History of Racism - Understanding the social construction of "race" and racism and the impact of European Enlightenment (The Age of Discovery). How do these understandings of "race" and black people differ from what we looked at previously (Mansa Musa, Early African Civilisations etc.)
Windrush and Migration to Britain - Understanding the history of the Windrush Generation and why they were called "home" to Britain. What can sources tell us about the experiences of migrants to Britain in the 50s, 60s and 70s?
Project: The Importance of Black History on the Curriculum - Students will use the taught examples, as well as their own knowledge, to produce a poster/presentation (or any other usable resource) explaining why black history needs to be on the curriculum.
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