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Summer School - Pricing

We link black children with black teachers.

We link children with teachers.

Over the summer period parents must engage their children in learning activities to avoid summer regression.

Here at Black Teachers Tutor we believe that over the Summer period children need as much academic support as possible because all children will regress over Summer. Summer regression is the loss of academic knowledge gained throughout the school year. This is a very real problem that we see often with many children after Summer.  Children can lose several months of grade-level equivalency in maths and reading achievement during this period. 


Therefore, we are offering affordable, small class online tuition using Zoom. Each class will have a maximum of 6 children who will be assigned to a class that matches their age and the year group they will be moving into in September. One of our teachers will be assigned to your child and will work with them for the entire 6 week program.


Below is the pricing structure.

Please contact us for further information.

Places are filling up fast.

1 Session
1 Week (2 sessions)
6 Week Programme (12 sessions)
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